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    a communication and collaboration platform that brings educators and students together to facilitate a rich learning experience.

  • Simple per user,
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    Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive solution at no extra charge.

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    Rigel leverages innovative technologies to encourage rich communication and collaboration that enhance education.

For academic institutes providing education in tertiary or professional studies, Rigel provides an out-of-box solution for educators and students to communicate and collaborate efficiently, thus enabling a rich learning experience delivered from an intuitive and easy to use interface requiring no upfront technology investment and based on low per user per month billing.

User Friendly

Rigel is built with the end-user comfort in mind.
No more complex software applications or technical training required.

Intuitive Interface

Brings best of Microsoft Education Plan on a single intuitive portal interface for educators and students.

Security & Control

Built on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platform, Rigel ensures full security and IT control while providing anytime, anywhere access.

Rigel Features


Online mailbox with 50 GB of storage - per user. Email services, reminder about upcoming events, due course works, email notifications.


Overlay your exchange online and shared calendars in a one color-coded calendar.

Storage Repository

1 TB per user of storage repository to house teaching and learning, research, assigment, media and library content.

Video Gallery

Anytime access to an array of videos consisting of recorded lectures or tutorials which will enable students to catch up at their own pace.


Send announcements at any time about a cancelled session, or simply about an upcoming event.

Achievement Board

Display welcoming message and achievements of a specific department, student or educator.

Discussion Board

Run revision and coaching sessions. Students can ask questions live, and acquire advice.

Create, assign and grade educational content

Create and push interactive lessons and educational contents. Students can work together while educators provide real-time feedback and grade the lessons.

Communicating & Collaborating has just got simpler

One complete solution for educators and students to communicate, collaborate effectively, to manage assignments, and facilitate distance learning.

Deliver content including school and group news, announcements, calendars specifically tailored to the user and the activities they are involved in
Enable educators to provide differentiated instruction, push assignments, offer real-time feedback as instantly responding to students’ ideas and correcting their mistakes
Create virtual classroom through Rigel which provides students with remote access to the best educators and instructional methods

Single Sign-On (SSO) Experience

Already made an investment in a Student Information System or Learning Management System? You want to equally invest and explore the various benefits of Rigel, but you want to eliminate the headache of remembering multiple credentials.

No problem! Rigel retains the possibility of integrating existing third party applications, and provides the Single Sign-On experience to the end-users.

Having to remember and use only one password can significantly cut down login time and reduce the chances of a failed login, which shall ultimately enable educators and students witness leaps in productivity.

Beyond Responsive Design
to the Rich Experience

It is not the device, or the platform, but the experience that matters. Rigel goes beyond responsive design to meet the educators and students' needs on a daily basis.

The interface is kept simple and familiar to the end-users which they can use instantly without the need for any complex training

Content is organised in a way that makes sense for what the end-users are generally looking for on that device

Watch Rigel in action


Rigel Pricing

Rigel pricing is based on simple to understand ‘per user per month’ billing.

Simple Billing. No other costs.

per user per month

  • Rigel portal look & feel to match the institute’s branding
  • Future upgrades and enhancements
  • Product training
  • Support

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